Sunday, March 20, 2016

Things I Did This Week-3/13/16-3/19/16

Welcome to Things I Did This Week, where I recap videos I posted, games I played, movies (or TV shows) I watched, and anything else I want to mention.


First and foremost, new episode of CineGamer went up earlier this week. I tell you how to play the IELLO game King of Tokyo and then review what was suppose to be the final Godzilla film ever Destroy All Monsters.

I'm then joined by newcomer Toby as we play through King of Tokyo, first with just the base game and then we added in the Power Up expansion, which makes the game more competitive.

I posted Part 3 of my play through of Eldritch Horror, where shit really gets terrible. It doesn't look too great for the world.

And finally in terms of videos, if you haven't already, you need to check out The Walk of Life Project. It's a website dedicated to adding the Dire Straits song "Walk of Life" to the endings of different movies and showcasing how eeriely it fits. I'm bringing this up because I did my own take on the Walk of Life Project on The Room, which considering the lyrics, REALLY REALLY creepily fit.


For about a month now, I been having a struggle with my local Target. One day, randomly, in their game section I noticed a price tag for the game Timeline. I've heard about this game and I was interested in it. But they were out. I figured I'd check back next week and see if they got it in.


I wait another week.


How about next week?


FINALLY, they got it in. If you don't know, Timeline features different themes to its game. I plan on doing an episode of CineGamer featuring it (Gee, I wonder what movie I will use) so I won't go into extreme detail on how to play it but it features putting cards in the right chronological order. The one I bought was the Americana version, that features things like events and inventions and whatnot. But then I discovered a version that features all movies and music so, duh of course I immediately bought it and used my trial membership to Amazon Prime to have it shipped to me the next day. So of course I made The Future Wife play it with me and it's a lot of fun. And it's a game she actually liked, which is super rare! Actually, I'll make that another thing: games The Future Wife likes! So chalk Timeline up for one!

Played King of Tokyo with Toby, as stated above. I also played for a future episode of CineGamer Marvel Legendary with Toby. That episode will be out in May, in time for Captain America: Civil War, which I'm super excited about. And finally, Toby invited me to his house to play some games and we played 7 Wonders Duel, the two player version of 7 Wonders, which was a game I was interested in anyway. The two player game is a lot of fun and there are lots of moments in that game where you can be a dick but it's OK, it's to be expected. I'm contemplating on using 7 Wonders/7 Wonders Duel for CineGamer.

Sadly, this was the only game we were able to play as I had to abruptly leave. Hopefully next time I go to his house, we'll get to play more games.


Besides Timeline, I bought Lanterns The Harvest Festival. This has been gaining popularity recently and it looks like a game The Future Wife would enjoy so I went to a game store near my job after work one day and bought it. I was on the lookout for Patchwork, another game I think she'd enjoy but they were out. I was, needless to say, bummed about that but happy I got a copy of Lanterns. A fun surprise though, while reading the rule book, was one of the example players had the most glorious name ever.


Sadly, I was busy with CineGamer and my actual day job all week to get a lot of movies watched, so the two movies I seen this week were for CineGamer and my podcast The Lair of the Unwanted. And those were Destroy All Monsters and Teen Witch. I do have in from Netflix a movie called Dark Mirror, which sounds super interesting but I haven't had a chance to get around to it yet. I'm hoping to do that next week though.

 (In this section, I'll link to something I like. Either a video, a website, or something.)

I mentioned the Walk of Life Project. This was, hands down, my favorite one.


Have a good week!

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