Thursday, April 7, 2016

I'm A Bit Behind So Let Me Catch You Up

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been quiet here. I been taking a short break from everything to focus on real life stuff and my awesome podcast that, if you don't know about you should totally listen to. But I'm back to work on the next episode of CineGamer and I'm planning for the future ever so diligently. In the meantime, let me bring you up to speed.

First and foremost, I'm making a three part series of videos where I show you my stuff. First part was all the board and card games I own: 

Then I painstakingly went through all my DVD's and Blu-Rays.

For one final time, I'm sorry for the middle part. See, I recorded the game video the day before the DVD video and forgot to charge my battery on my camera. So when it came time to do the DVD, I thought I had a lot of charge left but nope. It ran dry in the middle of it. So I had to stop for a bit and use my phone, which I am never doing again cause holy fuck did that come out terrible. Lesson learned.

Also also, I should make it clear what I tend to do at CineGamer. The original idea was to take a board game and pair it up with a movie that fits thematically and that will always be the main mission statement.

But since I came up with that, I have decided to branch out a bit and now I plan on covering:

-Games based on movies and TV shows, cause techically those are "cine".
-Movies based on games. So yes, I plan on reviewing Battleship at some point in the future. That's going to be a glorious episode.
-Anything using "movie or film technology" like in the next episode I'm going to be doing a VHS game from the 80's. I also have a bunch of other VHS games I can't wait to show case. And yes, the most popular VHS game will get featured.
Yes, A Pile of Bullets!
So the next couple of episodes won't feature the game/movie combo like I normally do. I'm mentioning this now before anyone goes "HEY! Where's BOTH, funny boy?!" to which I'll reply "You think I'm funny?! YAY!!" and probably cry for half an hour.

Anyway....that's all I got for you now. New episode should be up sometime next week.

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