Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Top Ten Lists And Coughy-Cough Cough.

So I realized I haven't updated this site in awhile. I thought I posted the last video here but I see that I did not. I apologize for that. Let me tell you what I been up to since that last post.

First, I went to GenCon at the beginning of August. I made some new friends there and talked to a few publishers about some games they had out. Here's one on Bill And Ted's Excellent Board Game. Here's one from Big Potato Games. And finally, here's me learning how to play Sharknado: The Board Game.

Immediately after GenCon, I got a cough. I didn't feel like I had a cold, it was just an annoy cough that came and went throughout the day. Some days I felt better than others but I was doing alright. I had this cough all throughout August. Toward the end of August, I had a week vacation from my job, which was perfect because it gave me time to work on the next episode of CineGamer.

During that week, I wrote and filmed the episode, which took about 2 days. On the 3rd day, I went to upload the footage to my camera when I noticed an error message. I unplugged my camera and plugged it back in and it connected with no error message...but there was no footage to be found on the memory card. It got wiped somehow. Pissed off, I realized I wouldn't have time to refilm everything again cause September was coming up and I was planning on taking that month off to work on another project I have going on and prepare for October. So I made a video explaining all of that. I won't link to it cause it's pretty much just me saying what I just said and that's it.

Now it's September and I go back to work. But the cough isn't going away. Then it finally does go away for a few days, which makes me excited. Then just one day, out of the blue, my cough gets WORSE. The worse it's ever been. So bad that I couldn't sleep for an entire night. The next day I called off of work and decided to see a doctor to get this checked out and hope to get some antibiotics and be on my merry way.

I see a doctor and she gets all super worried cause my blood pressure is super high and my lungs sound terrible. "You should go the ER. I think you have pneumonia". Mind you, this was literally 2 days after Hillary Clinton was on the news for having it. So this was weird timing. Since I know pneumonia is a serious thing, I do check into the ER where I get poked, prodded, treated like a leper, and asked what my name and birthday was roughly 2000 times.

After being in the ER for what felt like 15 hours (it was maybe 3 hours at most), I see a doctor who goes "Yep, it's pneumonia but we need to get a CAT Scan just to make sure." One CAT Scan later and they said it's in the back of my lungs. Oh joy. They're also worried about the high blood pressure so they hook me up to an IV and pump me full of all kinds of drugs to not only treat the pneumonia but the blood pressure as well. At this point, it's almost 11PM at night and I'm still hoping to go home soon, when one of the 20 nurses who poked me comes in and says "OK, we got your room ready!!" Apparently, I'm staying the night for observation. GREAAAAT!

After texting my boss to tell her I'm pretty much not coming in to work the rest of the week, I go to my room, which is RIGHT across the hall from a nurses station. So I couldn't get any sleep on this night thanks to the coughing AND hearing all the nurses gab all night.

The next morning, I constantly ask when am I going home and I guess being persistent pays off cause after another round of visits and some prescriptions, I'm on my way home, where I just chill out for the rest of the week. Well...about two or three days after my hospital visit, I made my first Top Ten list, where I count down the 10 movies that disturbed me.

Anyway, I'm doing much, much, better now. I did make my second Top Ten list video, about my favorite party games that I own. I hope you enjoy it. Next time you all hear from me, it'll be on Halloween when I post the terrifying Halloween Episode of CineGamer!! OOOH!!!!! See you then!

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