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Jason Soto was born in a log cabin on a cold blistery June on the side of a mountain. Ever since that fateful day, he has made it his mission to no longer be born on the side of mountains. Instead, he has developed a love of board games and movies, none of which anyone on this planet has seen. His favorite board game is Cat-opoly and his favorite movie is Dorf On Golf.

30 Days of Horror: The Reboot!

30 Days of Horror: The Reboot!

Like all movies nowadays, everything is a reboot. So I couldn't think of a better time than to announce a reboot of my own!

Coming in October....

30 Days of Horror: The Reboot!!!!! WOO!!! CELEBRATE!!!!



Oh. You're new here and don't know what that is? Allow me to give you a backstory.

The Backstory

For those of you who are new, years ago I use to run a blog/website called Invasion of the B-Movies, where I would take on some of the worse movies imaginable and review them. They were mostly horror movies but I've done other genres. I was pretty good at writing them. I won some awards that are totally worthwhile and I was hilarious.

It was seriously the highlight of my life back then.

I started a series on the blog called 30 Days of Horror and I ran it during April. I picked April because it was both exactly 6 months after October and 6 months before October so I knew people needed a horror fix. And April had 30 days in it so it fit the pun I was going with. What I did was each day in April I would pick a horror movie, mainly ones I haven't seen, and watch them and write a review and post it on the blog. I did this for 2 and a half year. The third year I kinda had to give it up midway through because at that point I moved to Indianapolis and didn't really have the time to do it. Who knew moving to a whole new city with a different job and with a girl would take up SO MUCH TIME? So I gave up and never looked back.

Until now!!

True story, it was 10 years ago that I started the first 30 Days of Horror! Man, it only felt like 20 years ago! Where does the time go? To my thighs, am I right ladies?

Back To The Present

Anyway, this is a very long winded way of saying I'm bringing it back! Much like that needless remake or reboot of a movie from the '80s, '90s, or even early 2000's, it's back, baby!! But this time, I'm gonna go ahead and move the action to October cause, duh! I'm gonna go ahead and celebrate the Halloween season like everyone else. I'm gonna go back and watch one horror movie a day all throughout October for 30 days straight! And it's going to be fun!!!

"Wait, wait, wait," you're saying, patiently. "October has 31 DAYS, you baboon! Why don't you make it 31 Days of Horror? I mean, actual HALLOWEEN is on the 31st!"

Well...no need for name calling. Sheesh...I shouldn't even finish the post, that was uncalled for. But...

You are correct, you. There are 31 days and the last day is Halloween. Here, let me do something I haven't done in years: do a bullet point! I use to love doing these!

  • For the entire month of October, I'm going to watch at LEAST 1 horror movie a day. I only have 1 movie per day planned but if time allows, I'm gonna squeeze in 2 or maybe 3.
  • There's going to be a combination of movies I've seen already and haven't seen and/or want to see. Some of them are movies I HAVE to see for a couple of reasons.
  • These bullet points are awesome, yes? 
  • The main difference between the 30 Days of Horror of lore and now (because remakes have to have one big change in it!) is I will NOT be writing a review every day after watching the movie! WHA?!? I know. I plan on re-visiting some classic movies I haven't seen in awhile and I figured reviewing them would be redundant. 
  • And to answer the question about the 31st: I plan on having that day off of work and plan on having a big ol' movie marathon! I'm gonna watch as many movies as I can! Probably until the fiancee gets home and makes me leave the house cause that's what she does. 

I hope that answers your questions!

Now, why am I telling you all this if I'm not gonna review said films? Well, every Sunday I'll provide a recap of the previous weeks films and talk about what I seen. Also if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or like the CineGamer Group page, you'll see what I'm watching each day! I'm also going to use the hashtag #30daysofhorror on said social media pages so you can keep up with me there.

Now, what am I gonna watch? Well, here's a picture of the Word File I wrote the titles down:


Oh, right. I blacked out the titles because I want it to be a surprise! HA!!! Gotcha!!

We have fun...

Now, anything else....OH! Right! I've gotten into board games lately and this is half a board game site. I also would LIKE to play a lot of my horror board games. The problem with that is you need other people and I often don't have other people to play games. But if a chance comes up, I'll be substituting a movie for a game. So there you go.

Ok, NOW I think I'm done!! I hope you all join me on this journey and we both come out sane come November 1st. Buy the ticket...take a ride!!!


CineGamer #18: Bob Ross Art of Chill

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