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Jason Soto was born in a log cabin on a cold blistery June on the side of a mountain. Ever since that fateful day, he has made it his mission to no longer be born on the side of mountains. Instead, he has developed a love of board games and movies, none of which anyone on this planet has seen. His favorite board game is Cat-opoly and his favorite movie is Dorf On Golf.

Long Term Project: Watch All The Doctors!

Long Term Project: Watch All The Doctors!

Full disclosure: Last year I attempted to start The Patton Oswalt Challenge. A year before that, Patton wrote a book (Silver Screen Fiend) where he talks about all the movies he saw as he was an up and coming comic in the 90's. All the movies were these, what I call, "fancy" movies: types of movies that are nominated for Oscars or are on 1001 Movies To See Before You Die lists. Last year I felt that I needed to expand my horizons when it came to movies so I attempted to watch the movies on that list.

I got through exactly 2 movies before I gave up. The reason I gave up: the next movie on the list was Muriel's Wedding. I really have no interest in ever watching Muriel's Wedding. I'm not even sure why he watched it. So I just gave up on the whole thing and admitted defeat.

So THIS year, I'm gonna do something that I know will keep my interest. Introducing:


I'm going to (try to) watch every. Single. Episode. Of Doctor Who. And for you millenials out there, I don't mean the recent incarnations. I mean ALL OF THEM. Starting with The First Doctor back in 1963. According to Wikipedia, there are about 840 episodes total, including the season that just wrapped. 

My history of this show goes back to my childhood. My mom is a HUGE fan of Doctor Who and anytime they would play on our local PBS station (the same station the infamous Max Headroom Incident happened back in the 80's) we would watch it together. And her favorite was Tom Baker and we would primarily watch those so he ended up being one of my favorites. It also helped that I was into time travel growing up as well.

So I'm excited to watch all the other ones and see the show progress. And before anyone asks, yes I will rewatch the rebooted series as well. And no, I won't wait until I'm caught up to watch the next season, I will watch those as they air. Yes, I know that's weird.

And I'm calling this a long term project because I don't have an end date for this. I'm just gonna do this and take my time with it. There's almost 840 episodes, I can't watch that many in a year or whatever. So it'll just be something I do when I can. Another thing, a lot of the early episodes are missing or destroyed. I plan on going as much in order as I can but I might have to jump around a bit. And I will write about each episode/story here. Nothing super long, just a general review of the episode and my thoughts. I know that people assume my thoughts is a strict progression of facts and opinions but actually from a non-linear, not subjective viewpoint, my brain is like a big ball of wibbly wobbly thinky-winky....stuff. 

Anyway, coming on a day or two will be my review and thoughts of the first episode "An Unearthly Child" so stay tuned for that. 


CineGamer #20: Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks

CineGamer #20: Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks

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